CAS 10031-30-8 Calcium photosphate monobasic

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    Calcium superphosphate CAS 10031-30-8 is a loose and porous acidic chemical phosphate fertilizer formed by the reaction of phosphate rock powder with dilute sulfuric acid. The main component is calcium phosphate, with a phosphorus content of 16% -18%, and the secondary component is calcium sulfate, which accounts for about 50% by weight. The phosphorus content is low and there are many secondary components. At room temperature, it is a gray white to dark gray powder that is corrosive and hygroscopic. It is prone to moisture absorption and agglomeration when in contact with humid air. If stored for a long time, some water-soluble phosphorus will be converted into insoluble phosphorus, and the higher the humidity and temperature, the faster this transformation rate. Calcium superphosphate is a water-soluble phosphate fertilizer with fast fertilizer efficiency. It can be used as a base fertilizer, as well as as as early topdressing or root dressing. It contains a large amount of calcium sulfate and can supplement sulfur nutrition when applied in sulfur deficient soil. It is suitable for various crops and is suitable for alkaline, slightly alkaline, and neutral soils. It should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as lime and plant ash. Not only can it promote the growth and development of crops, but it can also enhance the ability of plants to resist disease and drought, mature early, and be less prone to lodging. It has a significant yield increase effect on cotton, sugar beet, sugarcane, and wheat.


    Chinese name: Calcium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate

    Chinese synonym: Calcium phosphate monohydrate; First generation calcium phosphate monohydrate; Calcium superphosphate monohydrate; Calcium dihydrogen phosphate hydrate, P {2}O {5; feed dicalcium phosphate; dicalcium phosphate monohydrate; superphosphate monohydrate (CAS No. 10031-30-8); superphosphate lime

    English name: Calcium photosphate monobasic

    English synonym: PRIM CALCIUMPHOSPHATEMONOHYDRATE; MONOCALCIUMPHOSPHATE; CalciumsuperpChemicalbookghost · hydrate; Calciumdihydrogenphotosphatehydrate, P {2}O {5}55 %; ACIDCALCIUMPHOSPHATE, MONOHYDRATE; Calciumphotosphatemonobasic; Calcium diphosphate hydrate; Calciumphotosphatemo

    CAS number: 10031-30-8

    Molecular formula: CaH7O5P

    Molecular weight: 158.1

    EINECS number: 600-059-8



    Used as topdressing, base fertilizer, or seed fertilizer for crops, it provides plants with elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and sulfur, and has the effect of improving alkaline soil. Can be used as base fertilizer, root topdressing, and foliar spraying. When mixed with nitrogen fertilizer, it has a nitrogen fixation effect and reduces nitrogen loss. It can promote the germination, rooting, branching, fruiting, and maturation of plants and can be used as a raw material for the production of compound fertilizers.



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