CAS 1330-20-7 Xylene

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    Dimethylbenzene CAS 1330-20-7 is a colorless, transparent, aromatic liquid that is the product of two hydrogen groups on the benzene ring being replaced by methyl groups. Its boiling point is between 137 and 140 ℃. According to the different positions of the two methyl groups, xylene is divided into three isomers: ortho xylene, meta xylene, and para xylene. In industry, xylene refers to a mixture of the aforementioned isomers and ethyl benzene. The grades are generally premium grade and first grade products with a distillation range of 3 ℃ and 5 ℃ for purified water. It can be freely mixed with ethanol, chloroform, or ether and is insoluble in water. Widely used in organic solvents and synthetic pharmaceuticals, coatings, resins, dyes, explosives, and pesticides. Xylene has moderate toxicity and some carcinogenicity. The pollution of xylene mainly comes from synthetic fibers, plastics, fuels, rubber, additives in various coatings, as well as various adhesives and waterproof materials. It can also come from the combustion gases of fuels and tobacco leaves.


    Chinese name: Xylene

    Chinese synonym: xylene (refined); Mixture of isomers; Xylene, MIXED, 96%; Xylene, MIXED, 97+%; Xylene, ACS, 98.5+% (ASSAY, ISOMERSPLUSETHYLBENZENE); Xylene, SEMICONDUCTORGRADE; Xylene, MIXED; Mixed xylene

    English name: Xylene


    CAS number: 1330-20-7

    Molecular formula: C8H10

    Molecular weight: 106.17

    EINECS number: 215 535 7



    Widely used as organic solvents and raw materials for synthetic medicine, coatings, resins, dyes, explosives, and pesticides

    Used as a cleaning agent

    Solvents, determination of moisture in many organic compounds, and cleaning agents for microscopes. Cleaning agents for silicon components and thermistors. Mixed xylene is an ortho; Between; A mixture of xylene and ethylbenzene. When used as a chemical raw material, various isomers can be pre separated. The mixture is mainly used as a solvent for paint coatings and as an additive for aviation gasoline.


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