CAS 1562-00-1 Sodium isethionate

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    Sodium hydroxyethyl sulfonate CAS 1562-00-1 is a chemical mainly used as an intermediate for surfactants, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


    Chinese name: Sodium Hydroxyethylsulfonate

    Foreign name: Sodium isethionate

    Nickname: 2-hydroxyethanesulfonic acid monosodium salt; Sodium 2-hydroxyethyl sulfonate; Sodium hydroxyethyl sulfonate; Sodium 2-hydroxyethanesulfonate; 2-Hydroxyethanesulfonic acid sodium salt

    Chemical formula: C2H5NaO4S

    Molecular weight: 148.11

    CAS login number: 1562-00-1

    Appearance: Solid


    Physical and chemical properties

    Appearance and properties: solid

    Density: 1.625g/cm3

    Melting point: 191-194 ° C (lit.)



    This product is the main raw material for producing sodium coconut oil based hydroxyethyl sulfonate, and is widely used in industries such as electroplating and detergents. It can be used as a detergent for woolen textile products, an intermediate for daily chemical products (such as shampoo, high-end soap, etc.), an intermediate for pharmaceutical raw materials, and an intermediate for fine chemical products.


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