CAS 168316-95-8 SPINOSAD

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    Chinese name: Stilbumin

    Synonyms in Chinese: echinococcin; Stilbumin/Polysaccharides; Stilbumin/Polysaccharidin; Doxamycin; Coniferin A and D mixture; Carbendazim in methanol; Multi fungicide standard; Multi fungicides/accelerators

    English name: SPINOSAD

    Synonyms in English: Mixture of SpinosynAand SpinosynD; Spinosad [iso]; Tracernaturalyte; SPINOS; SpinosChemicalbookadStandard; Spinosad@100 μ G/mLinAcetonitrile; Spinosad@1000 μ G/mLinAcetonitrile; Spinosad (Mixture of SpinosynAand SpinosynD)

    CAS number: 168316-95-8

    Molecular formula: C41H65NO10

    Molecular weight: 731.96

    EINECS number: 605-513-9



    A new type of biological insecticide with a unique chemical structure that combines safety and quick action. It has won the President’s Green Chemical Challenge Award in the United States due to its low toxicity, low residue, and safety characteristics. Its mode of action is to stimulate the insect’s nervous system, leading to non functional muscle contraction, failure, and accompanied by tremors and paralysis. Consistent with the activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, it also acts on γ- Aminobutyric acid receptors further enhance their insecticidal activity. This mode of action is favored by people. Multi fungicides can effectively control pests in the order Lepidoptera (such as diamondback moth, beet night butterfly, etc.), Diptera, and Thysanoptera, and can also effectively control certain species of pests in the order Coleoptera and Orthoptera that consume large amounts of leaves. Unable to effectively control sucking insects and mites.

    It should be used to control larvae of Lepidoptera, thrips, and leafminer flies, and has good control effects on diamondback moth, beet armyworm, leafminer fly, thrips, striped armyworm, and bean pod borer.


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