CAS 3006-93-7 N, N ‘- m-phenylene bismaleimide

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    N. N ‘- m-phenylene bismaleimide CAS 3006-93-7  is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C14H8N2O4.


    Chemical name: N, N ‘- m-phenylene bismaleimide

    CAS No. 3006-93-7

    Molecular weight: 268.2

    Molecular formula C14H8N2O4


    Purpose announcement

    As a multifunctional rubber additive, PDM can be used as both a vulcanizing agent and a co vulcanizing agent for peroxide systems in the rubber processing process. It can also be used as an anti coking agent and a tackifier, suitable for both general rubber and special rubber and rubber plastic blend systems.

    In natural rubber, when combined with sulfur, it can prevent vulcanization from returning to its original state, improve heat resistance, reduce heat generation, resist aging, and increase the adhesive strength between rubber and cord, as well as the modulus of vulcanized rubber. Used in the shoulder rubber, buffer layer and other rubbers of load-bearing tires, it can solve the problem of shoulder space in diagonal load tires, and can also be used in large size thick products of natural rubber and various rubber miscellaneous products.

    PDM, as an auxiliary vulcanizing agent in special rubbers such as chloroprene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber, brominated butyl rubber, acrylate rubber, silicone rubber, and rubber plastic blend rubber, can significantly improve crosslinking performance and heat resistance. It is suitable for high-temperature vulcanization systems, significantly reducing compression set and reducing the amount of peroxide, To prevent scorching of the rubber material during processing and improve the bonding strength between the rubber material and the cord and metal.

    PDM is a sulfur-free vulcanizing agent used in cable rubber. It can replace all sulfur-containing vulcanizing agents such as thiazoles and thiuram, solving the problem of copper wires and copper appliances generating sulfurized copper pollution and blackening due to contact with sulfur-containing vulcanizing agents.


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