CAS 50512-35-1 Daowenling

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    The molecular formula of Daowenling CAS 50512-35-1 is C12H18O4S2, and its pure product is white crystal with a slight odor and a melting point of 54~54.5 ℃. The original powder is a light yellow crystal with an organic sulfur odor, with a density of 1.044, a melting point of 50-51 ℃, a boiling point of 167-169 ℃ (0.07 MPa, 0.5 mm Hg), and a vapor pressure of 0.19 × 10-4 MPa (25 ℃). The solubility in water at 20 ℃ is 48mg/L, which is stable to light, temperature, and pH values of 3-10. In water, it is unstable under ultraviolet radiation.


    Chinese name: Daowenling

    Foreign name: Isoprothiolane; Di-isopropyl 1; 3-dithiolan-2-vinylmalonate

    Nickname: 1,3-dithiopentane-2-ylidene malonate diisopropyl ester, Fuji No.1, Daobingling emulsifiable concentrate, Daobingling wettable powder

    Molecular weight: 290.3989

    Molecular formula: C12H18O4S2

    CAS number: 50512-35-1


    Applicable scope

    Mainly used to prevent and control rice blast, while also having certain control effects on rice sheath blight, small bacterial blight, and bacterial leaf blight. It is an efficient, low toxicity, and low residue organic sulfur fungicide used to control rice neck blast, rice leaf blast, rice seedling blast, etc.


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