CAS 85-42-7 Hexahydrophthalic anhydride

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Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride MHHPA is a kind of high performance product in acid anhydrides curing agents. In addition to the general performance of methyl THPA, it has the characteristics like: High purity, light color and luster, low viscosity, small volatility. It is colorless transparent liquid. It will not change color if added accelerator. The epoxy curing material is colorless and transparent, with good heat resistance. This epoxy curing material has excellent mechanical behavior and electrical property. The curing material has the characteristics like: Moisture-proof, high reactivity and short gel time, which has advantages to the DIP forming of large motor.



Epoxy resin curing agent: MHHPA is mainly used in electric and electronic field, which has the characteristics like: Low melting point, low viscosity, long using life, high heat resistance property, etc. It is widely used in coil of electrical equipment reting, casting of electrical components and semiconductor potting, such as LED, ignition coil, special usage capacitor, transformer, electrical machine, etc.

Epoxy matrix composites: Methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride is widely used in high performance composite material, such as pressure cylinder, pressure pipeline, fishing rod and brassie, etc.

Adhesives: Alicyclic eepoxy adhesive produced by MHHPA has strong adhesive strength, non-discoloring and aging resistance, which is suitable for large area optical parts bonding.

It is used in pesticide, plasticizer and antirust agent, etc.


Storage, packing and transportation: 

It is packed with 25kg plastic barrel or 220kg iron barrel. In transportation process, it should avoid moisture, fire and water. It should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.

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