CAS 9050-36-6 Maltodextrin

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    Maltodextrin (MD) CAS 9050-36-6 is a polysaccharide food ingredient that is a low conversion product between starch and starch sugar. Amorphous powder with a white or slightly yellowish appearance, without visible impurities to the naked eye, has a special odor, and is not sweet or slightly sweet in taste.


    Chinese name: maltodextrin

    Foreign name: maltodextrin, MD

    Nickname: water-soluble dextrin or enzymatic dextrin

    Chemical formula: (C6H10O5) n

    Melting point: 240 ℃ (decomposition)

    Appearance: White or slightly yellowish amorphous powder

    P H: 4.5-6.5


    Main functions

    The composition of maltodextrin is closely related to its hydrolysis process, starch type, and the presence of other components in starch, such as protein and fat. Maltodextrins with different DE values have different functions and properties, such as thickening, gelling, reducing product sweetness, changing the freezing point of the system, inhibiting ice crystal growth, replacing fat, reducing heat energy, improving texture, and being used as spray or drying carrier. Maltodextrin is widely used in food production, and its market prospects are very broad. How to utilize maltodextrin is one of the topics that food production technicians are interested in.

    1. Maltodextrin has good emulsifying and thickening effects for increasing viscosity, enhancing product dispersibility and solubility. Used in soy milk, instant oatmeal, and malt extract to thicken, absorb odors, improve taste, and extend shelf life; In milk tea, fruit crystal, instant tea, solid tea, non-fat milk, and coffee companion, it is used to increase the mellow, delicate, and fragrant taste and reduce costs; In coconut milk, peanut almond dew, and various lactic acid drinks, it enhances emulsifying power, making the product stable and less prone to sedimentation; Used in various canned or soup foods to thicken, improve structure, appearance, and flavor.

    2. Used to inhibit browning reaction

    When there is a large amount of reducing sugars and proteins present in the food system, high-temperature treatment can easily cause mutagenic reactions. Due to the low DE value of maltodextrin and its low degree of reaction, it can be used as an inert embedding material for microencapsulation of sensitive chemicals, such as essence, spices, drugs, etc.

    3. Used as a carrier and coated for preservation

    Maltodextrin aqueous solution has no taste and strong binding and adhesive properties, making it an excellent carrier for various sweeteners, fragrances, fillers, and pigments, ensuring the pure flavor of the loaded substance. Maltodextrin with lower DE values has strong film-forming or coating properties and can be used for fruit coating preservation.

    4. Used for preparing functional foods

    Maltodextrin is easily absorbed by the human body and can be used as functional milk powder for athletes, patients, infants and young children, such as sugar free milk powder and sports drinks. Make the product volume expand, not easy to clump, soluble, and has good compatibility, thereby increasing the nutritional value.

    5. Used to lower the freezing point;

    In ice cream, ice cream, and popsicles, the freezing point of the product can be changed without changing the soluble solid content of the system, inhibiting the growth of ice crystals, making the ice particles swell and delicate, with good viscosity, mild sweetness, refreshing taste, and good taste.

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