CAS 109-43-3 Dibutyl sebacate

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    Product name: dibutyl sebacate

    CAS No.: 109-43-3

    Molecular formula: C18H34O4

    Molecular weight: 314.46

    Chemical properties for bright yellow transparent liquid

    Application:  It is mainly used to prepare fruit type essence. Plasticizer (used for packaging materials). Uses Cold resistant plasticizer, compatible with most resins and synthetic rubber, can be used as the main plasticizer. The product is non-toxic and can be used as packaging material in contact with food. The product has a good feel. This product is used as a plasticizer for many synthetic rubbers, which can make the products have excellent low temperature performance and oil resistance. The main disadvantage of this product is that it is volatile and easy to be extracted by water, soapy water and detergent solution, so it is often used together with phthalate plasticizers. Use: It is used as gas chromatography stationary liquid, plasticizer and rubber softener, as well as perfume preparation and organic synthesis gas chromatography stationary liquid (the maximum use temperature is 75 ℃, and the solvent is ethanol and ether). Separate and analyze hydrocarbon and ester. Plasticizer. Rubber softener. Cosmetics, spices. condiment. Cold resistant plasticizer for synthetic rubber.

    Packing:  180kg/plastic drum, 80 drums/20″FCL.

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