Collagen (bovine achilles tendon) CAS No.: 9064-67-9

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  • CAS Number: 9064-67-9
  • Molecular Formula: C4H6N2O3R2.(C7H9N2O2R)n
  • Quality Standard: 99.0%min. purity
  • Packing mode: 25kg/drum,as per request
  • FOB Price: $0-20/kg
  • TDS & MSDS: Please send inquiry
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    Commodity name: Collagen (cattle skin)
    Item No.: TNJ02821
    CAS No.: 9064-67-9
    Specification: 99.0%+
    Supplier & Manufacturer: TNJ Chemical
    Factory location: Hefei China
    Price range: $0-20/kg FOB China
    Purchase MOQ: 25kg
    Inquiry email:
    Brief Discription
    Collagen CAS No: 9064-67-9, is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animal bodies. As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in mammals,[1] making up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content.
    Function & Applications
    1.Ollagen helps to give strength to various structures of the body and also protects structures like the skin by preventing absorption and spreading of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, micro - organisms and cancerous cells. Collagen protein is the cement that holds everything together. 
    2.Collagen is also present in all the smooth muscle tissues, blood vessels digestive tract, heart, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder holding the cells and tissues together. Collagen is even the major component of the hair and nails.
    Packing, Storage & Handling
    10 kg/case
    Stored in dry and ventilation place, far from heat and water.

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