GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone 99.9%) CAS 96-48-0

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TNJ Chemical is professional manufacturer and exporter of GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone 99.9%) CAS 96-48-0 from China since from 2001. We produce high purity GBL 99.9%min widely used in pesticides, electronics etc. If you need to buy GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone 99.9%) CAS 96-48-0 from China at competitive price, please contact

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GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone 99.9%) CAS 96-48-0 is a colorless transparent oily liquid, completely miscible with water, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and acetone, and can dissolve many organic and inorganic compounds. It is a solvent with high boiling point, strong solubility, good electrical performance and stability, and is safe to use. Boiling point: 204 ℃, flash point: 98 ℃.


GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone 99.9%) CAS 96-48-0 is an important raw material and excellent solvent for organic synthesis. It is mainly used for the synthesis of pyrrolidone series products, cyclopropylamine, acetylbutyrolactone, etc. It can also be used as extractant in agricultural chemicals, polymers and dyes, printing. It can also produce spices, rust removers, etc.


Iron bucket. Net weight 200 kg/barrel, storage and transportation conditions: store in a cool and ventilated warehouse, away from kindling and heat source, and separate from oxidant. Handle gently to prevent leakage.


Colorless transparent liquid

Purity% ≥ 99.9

Moisture% ≤ 0.05%

Chromaticity ≤ 16

Refractive index 1.436-1.437

Density 1.125-1.130

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