Polyacrylamide CAS No.:9003-05-8

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  • CAS Number: 9003-05-8
  • Molecular Formula: C3H5NO
  • Quality Standard: 99.0%min. purity
  • Packing mode: 25kg/bag,as per request
  • FOB Price: $0-20/kg
  • TDS & MSDS: Please send inquiry
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    Commodity name:Polyacrylamide
    Item No.:TNJ02839
    CAS No.:9003-05-8
    Specification: 99.0%+
    Supplier & Manufacturer: TNJ Chemical
    Factory location: Hefei China
    Price range: $0-20/kg FOB China
    Purchase MOQ:25kg
    Inquiry email:
    Brief Discription
    Polyacrylamide (PAM) CAS 9003-05-8 is a linear polymer with the chemical formula (C3H5NO)n. It is a hard glassy solid at room temperature. The products include glue, latex and white powder, translucent beads and flakes. Good thermal stability.
    Function & Applications
    Polyacrylamide(PAM) is devided into anionic PAM, cationic PAM and nonionic PAM. According to specified application field, each solution should be provided in detail. The main uses are as following.
    Polyacrylamide, as a flocculant, can be widely used in industrial waste water,mixed industrial-domestic wastewater, sewage and drinking water treatment. Also, its application areas include the following fields for its solid-liquid separation property:Petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coal, tanning, pharmaceutical, food, stone,and so on.
    Technical Specification
    Appearance                                         White or yellowish powder
    Degree of charge, (mol/mol) %      15-20
    Molecular Weight, 106                     >8
    Solid content %                                  ≥88
    Residual Acrylamide, ppm              250max
    Packing, Storage & Handling
    25kg in PE bag or as per request.


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