CAS 21368-68-3 DL Camphor

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    Camphor CAS 21368-68-3 , also known as 2-camphenone, is a bicyclic terpene ketone compound with two asymmetric carbon atoms (1-4 positions) in its molecular structure. Theoretically, there should be four optical isomers, but only three known ones are d -, l -, and dl -. Camphor is naturally present in many essential oils, mainly in camphor tree oil, turpentine oil, basil oil, and Artemisia annua. Most of them are d-form, while l-form is found in silver gum chrysanthemum and Artemisia annua essential oils. D-form is relatively rare in nature and is mostly a synthetic product, only present in Japanese original chrysanthemum essential oils. Has a strong clear aroma. The taste is slightly bitter and cool. Colorless or white cubic crystalline flake crystals, or crystalline powders.


    Chinese name: DL Camphor

    Chinese synonyms: (1R, 4R) -1,7,7-trimethylbicyclic [2.2.1] heptane-2-one; 2-Borneone; 2-Cistanone; Camphor extract; Camphor from Japan; DL camphor; DL-1,7,7-trimethylbicyclic [2.2.1] hept-2-one; DL-2-Zhytone

    English name: DL Camphor


    CAS number: 21368-68-3

    Molecular formula: C10H16O

    Molecular weight: 152.23

    EINECS number: 200-945-0


    Function and purpose

    This product is a white crystalline powder or colorless translucent hard lump, with a pungent and pungent odor. It has a pungent taste and a refreshing aftertaste. It is easily volatile at room temperature, soluble in ethanol, fatty oil, or volatile oil, and very slightly soluble in water. Camphor has a weak anti-corrosion effect. Applying it to the skin can stimulate the skin’s cold receptors and provide a refreshing sensation, which can suppress itching and have an anti itching effect. Applying forcefully can reflexively cause vasodilation and redness of the skin. Camphor also has some weak local anesthetic effects. This product can be formulated into camphor spirit, taken orally as a stimulant and expelling wind agent, and used externally as a skin irritant for neuralgia, muscle pain, or joint pain. It can also be used as a local irritant to treat chilblains (not ulcerated), etc.

    This product is combined with menthol and other ingredients to form a compound camphor ointment, which has the effects of relieving itching, preventing corrosion, and improving local blood circulation. It is used for unruptured chilblains, neurodermatitis, etc. It can also be mixed with peanut oil to form a 20% camphor liniment, which is a mild irritant and commonly used for neuralgia, muscle pain, or joint pain.


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