CAS 8007-70-3 Anise Oil

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    Chinese Name: Anise Oil

    Chinese synonym: Schisandra chinensis; Fennel seed oil; Octagon; Star anise; Fennel essential oil; Big fennel; Fennel and celery; fennel

    English name: Aniseoil

    English synonym: Starnlise; Ncgc00091676-01; ChinesemagnolivineFruitP.E; Star anise0il; Staranisoil; AniseSeedoil (Pippinella Anisium)

    CAS number: 8007-70-3

    Molecular formula: W99

    EINECS number: 283-518-1



    Spicy ingredients. Whole grains are used for cooking seasoning and soups; Powder is used for meat products, etc. It is also used for extracting essential oils.

    Spicy ingredients. Mainly used for cooking and seasoning, it is also an important raw material for preparing Five Fragrance Powder, or for extracting essential oils.

    Mainly used for the extraction of anethole, as well as in the formulation of flavoring agents for beverages, food, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals

    According to GB2760-96 in China, edible spices are allowed to be used. It is commonly used in baked goods, candies, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, and tobacco, and is also a raw material for extracting edible anisole and anisaldehyde.

    Make food flavoring. It can be used for baking food, candy, carbonated beverages, alcohol, toothpaste, and tobacco. Usage: 230mg/kg in baked goods; 190mg/kg in candy; 98mg/kg in cold drinks; 50mg/kg in alcoholic beverages; 20-55mg/kg in meat; 12mg/kg in beverages; 8.0mg/kg in syrup. In fact, the main use is to separate anisole from it and further process it into anisaldehyde and anisol.


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