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    Vitamin C ethyl ether CAS 86404-04-8 is a very useful vitamin C derivative, which is not only chemically stable and non discoloring vitamin C derivative, but also a hydrophilic and amphiphilic substance, greatly expanding its application range, especially in daily chemistry. 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid ether can easily enter the dermis through the stratum corneum, and once it enters the body, it is easily decomposed by biological enzymes, thereby exerting the biological effects of vitamin C.


    Chinese name: Vitamin C ethyl ether

    Foreign name: 3-o-ETHYL ASCORBICACID

    Nickname: VC ethyl ether

    Chemical name: 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid ether

    Category: Vitamin C derivatives

    CAS: 86404-04-8

    Molecular weight: 204.18


    Main efficacy

    l. After entering the dermis, VC ethyl ether directly participates in the synthesis and repair of collagen, which increases the activity of skin cells, making the skin full and elastic, making the skin delicate and smooth.

    2. Inhibiting tyrosinase activity, inhibiting the formation of melanin, reducing melanin to colorless, and efficiently whitening the skin.

    3. It has excellent antioxidant effects in cosmetics, ensuring the utilization of VC. Compared to VC, VC ethyl ether is very stable and does not change color. Truly achieve the effect of whitening and freckle removal.

    4. Has a hydrophilic and oleophilic structure, easy for skin absorption, and can reach the dermis directly

    5. Strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, anti inflammation caused by sunlight.

    7. Good stability, resistant to light, heat, acid, alkali, salt, and air oxidation

    8. The inhibitory effect of vitamin C and its derivatives on tyrosinase


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