How to purify Benzaldehyde (CAS: 100-52-7) to remove the Benzoic acid after long time stock?

Benzaldehyde CAS No. 100-52-7

Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. produces pharmaceutical medical grade Benzaldehyde (CAS 100-52-7) and related products as Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl benzoate etc. Benzaldehyde is an important raw material for medicine, dyestuff, perfume and resin industry. It also can be used as solvent, plasticizer and low temperature lubricant. In essence, it is mainly used for the deployment of food flavor. A small amount of benzaldehyde is daily use in flavor and flavor of tobacco. In spite of being widely used as commercial food condiment and industrial solvents, the main use of benzyl alcohol is still used to synthesize a variety of other compounds from pharmaceuticals to plastic additives. Benzyl alcohol is an important intermediate product in the production of perfumes, spices, and some aniline dyes.

How to remove the Benzoic acid in Benzaldehyde?

Benzaldehyde that has been placed for a long time in contact with air will contain some oxidation products, benzoic acid (hint: benzoic acid is more acidic than carbonic acid). It can be purified by the following methods:
1. Take the 20mL and 30mL ether mixture of the above sample and put it into the separatory funnel.
2. Add 50 mL of 5% sodium carbonate aqueous solution into the separatory funnel, shake the separatory funnel sufficiently, and then stand still, the solution is divided into two layers, and the water layer is discharged from the bottom of the funnel.
3. After washing the upper layer solution with water for 2 to 3 times, transfer it to an Erlenmeyer flask and add anhydrous calcium chloride to fully remove the remaining water in the solution.
4. Remove the solid by filtration, and transfer the filtrate to the distillation flask.
5. Control the heating temperature to remove the ether (boiling point: 34℃).
6. Raise the temperature to 178~180℃ and collect the steamed liquid to obtain pure benzaldehyde.

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Post time: Mar-24-2021