Polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP K (CAS 9003-39-8): K value and Molecuar Weight

Polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP K (CAS 9003-39-8) K value and Molecuar Weight

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (polyvinyl pyrrolidone CAS 9003-39-8) is abbreviated as PVP. Normally there are PVP K30 PVP K15 PVP K17 PVP K25 PVP K90 etc in market. It is a non-ionic polymer compound. It is the most characteristic of N-vinylamide polymers and the most extensively researched fine chemical variety.

The K value of PVP is actually a characteristic value related to the relative viscosity of the PVP aqueous solution, and the viscosity is a physical quantity related to the molecular weight of the polymer, so the K value can be used to characterize the average molecular weight of PVP. Generally, the greater the K value, the greater the viscosity and the stronger the adhesion.

As a synthetic water-soluble polymer compound, PVP has the general properties of water-soluble polymer compounds, such as colloidal protection, film-forming properties, adhesion, hygroscopicity, solubilization or cohesion, but it is the most distinctive What people pay attention to is its excellent solubility and physiological compatibility. In synthetic polymers, PVP is soluble in water and most organic solvents, with low toxicity and good physiological compatibility. It is rare, especially in medicine, food, cosmetics, which are closely related to people’s health. In the field, as the price of its raw material butyrolactone decreases, it will definitely show its good prospects for development.

PVP K value and Molecuar Weight

The following is the structure diagram of each model of PVP\K and its molecular weight:

Model K value Molecular weight
K12 10.2-13.8 3000-7000
K15 12.75-17.25 8000-12000
K17 15.3-18.36 10000-16000
K25 22.5-27.0 30000-40000
K30 27.0-32.4 45000-58000
K60 54.0-64.8 270000-400000
K90 81.0-97.2 1000000-1500000

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