The hazardous effects of Calcium propionate (CAS 4075-81-4) in food and feed industry


Calcium propionate (CAS Number: 119-36-8) exists in fermented foods. Many people complain of headaches after eating such foods, but there is no scientific basis to prove that this compound causes headaches.

Some people eat foods containing this preservative may cause headaches and other adverse reactions.
People who are intolerant to this additive may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches and diarrhea.
Studies have found that excessive intake of calcium propionate and sodium propionate can cause permanent damage to the gastric mucosa. This can cause serious health problems.
When the body loses its ability to recover from gastric mucosal inflammation, the disease will worsen. This can cause severe ulcers.
A report published in the American Journal of Child Health stated that excessive intake (especially long-term) of this compound can cause children to experience irritability, restlessness, inattention and insomnia and other behavioral changes. Surprisingly, after removing these preservatives from food, the symptoms disappear on their own.
An authoritative health agency in the United States claims that this compound is slightly toxic and can be sprayed on fruits as a fungicide. Many times, supermarkets spray pesticides and preservatives on fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.

Many preservatives used in food have other industrial uses. For example, propionic acid is used in the production of rubber, cosmetics, plastics, herbicides and clothes. These uses have also caused panic among consumers, and some compounds used as food preservatives are suspected of being carcinogenic.
Although there is no scientific basis to prove that using calcium propionate as a food preservative can cause serious health problems, in order to ensure safety, fresh or organic foods without preservatives should be consumed as much as possible.

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Post time: Mar-26-2021