Topic:  Is Erythritol (CAS 149-32-6) suitable for diabetics ?

Erythritol CAS No. 149-32-6

Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. produces Erythritol CAS 149-32-6 as food sweetener in powder or crystal form. The mesh size is 60 mesh, 200 mesh etc. Erythritol, isomalt, etc. belong to another class of polysaccharide alcohol functional sweeteners. This type of sugar is made from the corresponding sugar catalyzed by nickel hydrogenation. Erythritol is a small molecule sweetener, its sweetness is 60-70% of sucrose, and its calories are 10% of sucrose. It is not metabolized by the body's enzyme system and will not affect normal sugar metabolism. After 3 hours of ingestion of 1g/kg in healthy people, their blood glucose levels and blood insulin levels did not change significantly. Therefore, erythritol can be consumed by diabetic patients.

Erythritol sugar CAS 149-32-6 = Diabetics ?

People with diabetes can take erythritol occasionally. But erythritol also contains a certain amount of calories, and it is mainly a flavoring agent that belongs to the same class of flavoring agent as xylitol.
Diabetics can consume this type of flavoring in small amounts. It is recommended that the dosage should not be too large, preferably not more than 5 micrograms per day, because too much of this type of flavoring is likely to cause damage to the liver.
Therefore, some patients may increase alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase after taking it, and some patients may experience symptoms such as abdominal distension, nausea, and loss of appetite after using erythritol.
In addition, this type of flavoring agent itself has no nutritional ingredients and only plays a role in adjusting the taste. If the diabetic patient does not have a high taste for taste, it is not necessary to use this type of flavoring.

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