Erythritol CAS No.: 149-32-6

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  • CAS Number: 149-32-6
  • Molecular Formula: C7H5NO3S
  • Specification: Powder & Granule, USP BP
  • Packing: 25kg/bag or cardboard drum
  • MSDS: MSDS Download
  • TDS: TDS Download
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    Erythritol (Alias Meso-Erythritol, CAS 149-32-6)  is a sweetener with a clear sweet taste similar with that of sucrose but without calories. Erythritol, known as a sugar substitute and bulk sweetener. It is 60-70% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar). Erythritol is a multifunctional ingredient that is primarily used in sugar-free or low-sugar food. It is often used in the following areas:

    • Baked foods
    • Chewing gum
    • Ice cream
    • Reduced and low-calorie beverages, dairy drinks
    • Beverage
    • Chocolate
    • Table-top sweetener
    • Toothpaste
    • Pharmaceutical


    Physical and Chemical properties
    Product name Erythritol
    Synonyms meso-Erythritol, 1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol
    CAS Number 149-32-6
    EINECS 205-737-3
    Molecular Formula C4H10O4
    Molecular Weight 122.12 g/mol
    Appearance White crystalline powder or granular
    Assay, % 99.5 - 100.5
    Taste Practically odorless with a very sweet taste
    Mesh 20-30mesh / 30-60mesh / 60-80mesh / 20-80mesh / as you need
      *Please check the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for reference.
    Unit pack 25kg/cardboard drum or bag
    Transportation Transported as common chemical.
    Storage Strictly according to MSDS.



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