CAS 8001-25-0 Olive Oil

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    Olive oil CAS 8001-25-0 is a edible oil rich in oleic acid. Obtained from the flesh of olive oil, it is a non drying oil. The color is light yellow, clear and transparent, with high vitamin content, and a unique fragrance of olive oil. Contains 60% to 80% oleic acid, 8% to 15% linoleic acid, 7% to 11% palmitic acid, 2% to 3% stearic acid, and 0.5% to 0.8% linolenic acid. The saponification value ranges from 187 to 196, and the iodine value ranges from 79 to 90. Good stability, generally able to store for several years without changing quality or taste. Used for processing canned fish and meat, as well as for cold oil and cooking oil. The digestion rate is about 94%. The main components of olive oil are glycerides of oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid. A light yellow or yellowish green liquid, which is a non dry oil. Aromatic, relative density 0.9145~0.9190 (15/15 ℃), freezing point -6 ℃, iodine value 79-88, saponification value 185-195. It is obtained by pressing olive flesh (with an oil content of 35% to 60%). Superior oil is used for food or medicine, while inferior products are used for making soap, lubricating oil, etc.


    Chinese Name: Olive Oil

    Chinese synonym: olive oil; Olive oil; Olive oil; OLEAEUROPAEA fruit oil; Olive oil – pomace; Raspberry oil; Red Raspberry Oil; Raspberry oil

    English name: Olive oil


    CAS number: 8001-25-0

    EINECS number: 232-277-0



    Used for the preparation of ointments, abrasives, and soap for special fabrics, as well as for the preparation of laxatives and cholagogues, and also as a friction reducing agent

    Preparation of ointments, liniments, and soap for special fabrics. Preparation of laxatives and cholagogues. Fabric lubricant.


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