Polydextrose CAS No.: 68424-04-4

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  • CAS Number: 68424-04-4
  • Molecular Formula: (C6H10O5)N
  • Specification: Food grade FCCV
  • Packing: 25kg/paper bag
  • TDS : TDS download
  • MSDS: MSDS Download
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    TJNumber TNJ-H089234
    Commodity name Polydextrose
    Alias D-Glucose polymer
    CAS Nr. 68424-04-4
    Molecular Formula (C6H10O5)n
    Formula Weight - g/mol
    Physical State White or off-white solid particles
    Function Food ingredients
    Manufacturer/Supplier Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Factory Location Hefei, Baiyin
    Price Range $0-20/kg FOB China
    Annual Output Bulk volume for wholesales
    Specification Please refer to TDS or COA
    MSDS MSDS Download
    TDS TDS Download
    Purchase MOQ As per your demand to buy any quantity
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    Polydextrose powder CAS No.: 68424-04-4 white or off-white solid particles, soluble in water, solubility 70%, 10% aqueous solution has a pH of 2.5-7.0, no special taste. Polydextrose has a very good taste, which can improve the taste of food oil. It has a low freezing point and is suitable for refrigerating meals. It can reduce the amount of sugar, fat and starch in food, and has low calorie (4.18KJ/g). Used in low-sugar foods, it is an important raw material for various "liquid, solid" beverages. This product can also be added separately in daily life, with water. Because polydextrose is water soluble but indigestable, it has also been used as a fiber-bulking agent in the food industry for products that are typically low in fiber. In this way, manufacturers can claim on their food labels that the products have dietary fiber value.


    *Polymer 90% Min
    *1,6-Anhydro-D-glucose 4.0% Max
    * D-Glucose 4.0% Max
    *Sorbitol 2.0% Max
    *5-Hydroxymethylfurfural And related compounds: 0.05% Max
    Sulfated Ash: 2.0% Max
    pH value: 5.0-6.0(10% aqueous solution)
    Solubility: 70g Min in 100mL solution at 20°C
    Water content: 4.0% Max
    Appearance: Free flowing powder
    Color: White
    Odour & Taste: Odourless; No foreign taste
    Sediment: Absence
    Heavy metal: 5mg/kg Max
    Lead 0.5mg/kg Max
    Total Plate Count: 1,000CFU/g Max
    Yeast: 20CFU/g Max
    Moulds: 20CFU/g Max
    Coliforms 3.0MPN/g Max
    Salmonella: Negative in 25g


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