Soy Lecithin CAS No.: 8002-43-5

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  • CAS Number: 8002-43-5
  • Molecular Formula: C40H82NO9P
  • Specification: 60% 99%
  • Packing: 25kg/drum, 200kg/iron drum
  • MSDS: MSDS Download
  • TDS: TDS Download
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    Soy Lecithin CAS No.: 8002-43-5 is a natural emulsifier obtained from the crushing of soybeans composed of a complex mixture of different continents. It can be used in the bio-chemical studies, also to make emulsifying agent, lubricant and as the source for phosphate and essential fatty Acids etc. Such as Bakery foods, biscuits, ice-cone, cheese, dairy products, confectionary, instant foods, beverage, margarine; animal feed, Aqua feed: leather fat liquor, paint & coating, explosive, ink, fertilizer, cosmetic and so on.

    Soy Lecithin 99% specification

    Items Specification  Result  Method
    Appearance Yellow to white solid agglomerate waxy Complies Visual
    Odor Characteristic Complies Visual
    Taste Characteristic Complies Sensory
    Color of solution absorbance n.m.t.0.8 at 350 nm 0.1 CPh2015
    Acetone Insolubles 90.0% Min. 97% CPh2015
    Hexane insolubles 0.3% Max 0.16% CPh2015
    Ethanol n.m.t.0.2% 0.04% CPh2015
    Acetone n.m.t.0.2% not detected CPh2015
    Acid value ≤30 5.21 CPh2015
    Iodine value ≥75% 100 CPh2015
    Peroxide value ≤5meq/KG 0.5 CPh2015
    Loss on Drying ≤3.0% 0.61% CPh2015
    Protein Should conforms Complies CPh2015
    Total Phosphatidylcholine ≥90.0%(+/-5%) 91.62% HPLC
    Heavy metals ≤10PPM <10PPM ICP-MS
    Arsenic ≤1PPM Complies ICP-MS
    Lead ≤3PPM Complies ICP-MS
    Cadmium ≤1PPM Complies ICP-MS
    Mercury ≤0.1PPM Complies ICP-MS
    Total plate count ≤1000cfu/G Complies AOAC
    Total yeast & mold ≤100cfu/G Complies AOAC
    E.coli Negative Negative AOAC
    Salmonella Negative Negative AOAC
    Staphylococcus Negative Negative AOAC


    Soy Lecithin 60% Specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance Yellow to brown translucent,viscous liquid 
    Odor little bean flavor 
    Taste little bean flavor 
    Specific Gravity, @ 25 °C 1.035-1.045
    Insoluble in Acetone  ≥60%
    Peroxide value, mmol/KG ≤5
    Moisture  ≤1.0%
    Acid value, mg KOH /g  ≤28
    Color, Gardner 5% 5-8
    Viscosity  25ºC 8000- 15000 cps
    Ether insoluble ≤0.3%
    Toluene/Hexane Insoluble ≤0.3%
    Heavy metal as Fe Not detected
    Heavy metal as Pb Not detected
    Total Plate Count 100 cfu/g max
    Coliform Count 10 MPN/g max
    E coli (CFU/g) Not detected
    Salmonlia Not detected
    Staphylococcus Aureus Not detected




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